The saying goes, 'ask the right question you should get the right answer.' I think that is true to a certain extent because many of us know the answer but just cannot effectively communicate the response. As I mentioned before I do a weekly conference talk whereby the participants can call in and we discuss various positive and loosely "faith based" but mainly spiritually and intellectual conversations that we try to assert an applicable or humanistic approach to a theoretical world of themes or situations past/present or hypothetical future incidents.

As I was at the hospital one day doing a routine CAT scan for a brain tumor that is in my frontal lobe while during my usual meditation and talk with God I was in an indirect way asking Him, 'How much more does He expect me to endure'? Then as I began to kind of lose myself then a voice came into my head and boldly said "WHO ARE YOU?" now mind you I automatically assumed that the voice was questioning who I was because it/he had never met me before because I came to their home unannounced, therefore I began to immediately become defensive. because surely by now God has to know who I am.

I was like "God I have been talking to You for years, praying, fasting and a great servant for Your kingdom and now You are asking me 'WHO ARE YOU?' especially since I am coming to You when I need You the most. What was that all about? Was He, the mighty God himself not recognizing me? Does that mean if I died today I would not go to heaven? Am I saved? Was all of this for nothing? Then it dawned on me that He was asking me 'WHO ARE YOU?", not because He and I are not personally attached or involved but to ask me in a sense 'what was I made of?'

Unfortunately I still am unable to answer this question with complete confidence because like many others I tend to answer the question 'WHO ARE YOU" with an answer that only identifies me with occupation, parenthood, education and by what others think or say about me. I personally think that "WHO ARE YOU" is the most difficult question to answer and I hope that we can at least touch the surface with a reasonable answer on our call today.