What plan do you have in place to heal your HEART?

What plan do you have in place to heal your heart?
By: Tracy Randall, Ph.D., Esq.
© 2016

I am reminded of the song that Toni Braxton so powerfully sang entitled, “Unbreak My Heart”. She sang the lyrics, ‘unbreak my heart, say you love me again’ and convinced even the strongest listener, that he or she needed someone to come out and rescue them from the pain, hurt and emotional turbulance that was essentially “inflicted” upon us. The song’s words conveyed a vulnerability that seemed realistic, however they broke, damaged, or tore you apart. For some crazy reason, you, without any hesitation, believe that the last person you should ever trust again, might be kind enough to mend your broken heart.

We have been conditioned to believe that we must give people a second chance; to make a good impression, a second chance to hurt you so bad that you are unable to breath, a second chance to assist you in losing or gaining weight from depression, a second chance to take your daydream into a daymare™® (a nightmare in day), a second chance for them to take your self-esteem and turn it into steam or an unusable exhaust, a second chance to question your questions, with a question of another question, leaving you confused whereby you are the one who deserved such pain. I think not! If you believe that heartless person cares anything about your heart, you my friend, are one of the most naïve human beings on this earth. God did not give the most precious part of your body, the organ that supplies all of your organs the energy to continue daily functions, the organ that takes the most punishment, yet still allows you to care and to love, so someone can tear it apart again! It is up to you to ‘unbreak your heart’.

It is your obligation to ‘say that you love you again’. And it is up to you to acknowledge that you deserve better. You have to have a plan to rebuild what you allowed to be broken in the first place. I am not saying to be some heartless monster, but be someone with integrity and enough self-worth to know that if all else fails, you may have them for now but you have you, forever. You have to live in the skin that you are in, you have to breathe, you have to trust you, even if no one else will. Again I ask you, WHAT PLAN DO YOU HAVE IN PLACE TO HEAL YOUR HEART?