If your life was HACKED, what would they find on your HARD-DRIVE?

We all have a version of us that doesn’t really exist. We hide behind shades, a smile, even our true selves. The ultimate satisfaction in our lives if we are to be totally honest with ourselves is to identify as honest, trustworthy, non-errored, non-sexual, non-lustful, no-hurtful, super human beings that co-exist in harmony with everyone. Oh yeah if anyone tells you that someone is always hurting them and they are not able to be honest that they have at least hurt someone in their life and time, I encourage you to RUN!!!!

Let’s think of your brain and heart as your SUPER COMPUTER and this SUPER COMPUTER is created and developed at conception and all of its parts were designed and all the information to be stored into this SUPER COMPUTER is solely up to our parents/programmers and those other caretakers to be program into the SUPER COMPUTER that one would hope that on that hard drive there will be integrity, a moral compass, good values, loving attributes, a great smile, hair like his/her grandpa… (I hope you get the point by now) and the list goes on and on and on and on. However this SUPER COMPUTER is given the chance to harvest every piece of data that it received or at least what the parents/programmers hoped, at eighteen years old.

Just imagine that each and every encounter either completed a binary code that was instilled by your parents or caretakers or crashed the system and was rebuilt by all the worse things that society had to offer or collided to a point that the SUPER COMPUTER needs an overall but enjoys working at a bare minimum. Hopefully, all of the influences of love, laughter, self-worth, hardworking DNA that was encoded by your parents/programmers directly into the SUPER COMPUTER somehow were erased and nothing your parents/programmers could do to fix it because they no longer have it on an external backup drive.

You now have to utilize the auspices of the world you live and the life you have to create for yourself, whether it is college, a job, family or the grim reality of early death. With this in mind, one day someone hacked into your SUPER COMPUTER to try to find out all off your trade secrets, inner thoughts, ambitions, addictions, who you really liked, who you wished were there, how many sexual partners you have had, what you really thought of your parents, why you had a string of dead end relations, your sexual orientation, your motivations, your biggest fears, your darkest thoughts, what really hurts you? So the challenge here is not to air out your dirty laundry but to find out what version of you, which you really like. Are you willing to share that version with the world?