Action required for continued service.

We are living in a time where we are consumed with "living" that we are not LIVING in a way that we are able to both to take care of our families (i.e. bills, food, balancing family life) or to do what is required to effectively minister to the world. There is a huge disconnect in the theory of ministry and the application thereof. Make no mistake I to have difficulties as it relates to identifying our God given gifts or to even recognize what signs that we are lacking in both humanistic, faith based or spiritual areas. Subsequently ministry has been so narrowly defined that if in the event someone has a different ministerial involvement within their community that is unorthodox or untraditional but is reaching and positively impacting the masses and winning souls for Christ which is the ultimate goal, nevertheless has been spoken against in a negative way by some church leaders as "unappointed", "non-anointed" and/or viewed as "not of God".

The sole purpose of our every wednesday at 8 p.m. eastern time calls, is to be able to openly express who we are and where we are as it relates to our faith and to hopefully break the systematic chains that have been carried down for centuries and subsequently we do not know why we do it but we just DO IT.

The Remnants of a Slave Religion in Today's African-American Churches Interview with Rev. Keith Russell Lee, Pastor of Destiny Church in suburban Chicago & Author of "Power Faith and Living." Gazer Productions Producer & Host: Bret Moss